Corporate Yoga

Quest For Balance offers the following services for businesses and other organizations. Please call us at (765) 247-2272 to discuss these or other potential services.

Transitioning to Standing Workstations
When converting to a standing workstation for your computer or laptop, standing is not necessarily better than sitting if you do do not take into consideration whole body alignment. This workshop will teach how to properly align your body when standing and sitting, provide guidelines for effectively utilizing a standing workstation for whole body wellness, and will teach how you can strengthen your body while working.

Office Yoga
Desk work takes a toll on the neck, shoulders and upper back.  Computer work can tense fingers and wrists.  Learn how to incorporate basic yoga postures and stretches to relieve stress at your desk.  A session of Office Yoga provides relief and is invigorating and refreshing!  Can work individually in your office or with a small group in a conference room or similar setting.  Sessions are 30-60 minutes.

On-site Yoga Classes
Yoga can provide a nice break to relax, rejuvenate and energize before, during or after the work day. We can provide gentle or all-level yoga classes at your business or organization. We can also provide our Introduction to Yoga classes upon request.


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