Mindful Drumming


mindful drum

The first sound we hear as emerging beings is the sound of our mother’s heartbeat. In this way, rhythm is an essential and primal part of our way of being. Mindful drumming combines this lived experience with the concept of the circle as understood by First Nations and Indigenous cultures as a means to both heal and to create community. We blend drumming, breath work, meditation, and compassion for others in a relaxed and friendly space.

The circle is a gentle space. It welcomes all, and all are equal within. Because we face inward, all are seen and can be seen. We leave distractions outside the circle so we can fully hold our intentions, and the circle is unbroken, neither starting nor ending. In this way it serves as a sacred community of friendship.

This is not a musical experience or traditional practice that teaches rhythms. Instead, we use a frame or hoop drum, like the one pictured above, to explore the healing power of rhythm and the benefits of mindful practice. The drum teaches us to listen deeply: to ourselves, to one another, and the universe around us. We drum simply, letting the rhythm shape our time together. We enliven the circle with our concerns, joys, gratitude, stories, and other ways of sharing ourselves with one another.

Julianne Miranda has been a circle keeper for more than a decade, and leads a weekly community circle in Greencastle, IN. Drums are available at each circle. Class passes may be used for this class, purchase of drum is optional and is an additional $35.00 cost. Contact Julianne Miranda to learn more. jmiranda@coachj.com

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