Introduction to Yoga

April 1, 8, 15, 29

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
(Enrollment Closed)

Intro men may twistJune 2016 triangle For those new to yoga, who want to experience all the benefits a yoga practice has to offer. Learn the basic poses, breathing techniques and vinyasa style in this four week workshop, with plenty of time for individual instruction, questions and answers. Each class builds on previous lessons. Build muscle, strength and endurance through yoga. Discover how yoga challenges the body and calms the mind.

Enrollment minimum is four; limited to ten people per workshop.

Ninety minute class meets four times.

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Workshop fees include a yoga mat. Fee for workshop varies with yoga mat selection
Workshop with basic 68″ yoga mat: $65 Workshop with a premium, high quality 71″ yoga mat: $108 Please view cancellation policy.

*Privately scheduled Introduction to Yoga Series can be done for a minimum group of five. We will work out a schedule that is optimal for the group.

Click on image below to watch Sun Salutation Tutorial video:

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Feedback from Introduction to Yoga Workshop students:

♥  Thank you so much for a life-giving experience. I look forward to growing a practice and hope to see you again sooner than later.

♥  I loved the class. Everyone was incredibly kind. I am sad that it is over but will be back. I always look forward to my yoga days. Thank you so much!

 I took this class to learn proper yoga techniques and that absolutely happened. What I noticed after the third class is how straight I was standing just while folding laundry (I have a terrible slouch!). I will continue learning and practicing yoga! Thank you Jeanne!

 It verified that I am on the right track for a better life.

 I enjoyed the pacing of the class, felt it was very well done. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and consideration shown to all. I enjoyed the experience more than expected.

♥  I have become much more conscious of my breathing and posture, and the sessions helped to alleviate some consistent muscle issues that I was facing. It generally raised my consciousness about how I exist within my body and made me want to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally.

 I greatly enjoyed the class and Jeanne. I was very apprehensive at first but Jeanne made me feel comfortable and welcome. I discovered I was capable of much more than I imagined and I am looking forward to continuing a practice at home and attending more classes at the studio. Thank you!

♥  Discovering yoga through this workshop was a fantastic experience for someone with my introverted, highly sensitive temperament. I found yoga to be an excellent practice for me: quiet, slow, gentle, yet physically and mentally challenging. I am a professional singer and have spent years in awareness of my posture and breath, but yoga has helped to deepen my understanding and strength in these areas. I hope to continue practicing yoga for a long time to come, even as I age and the seasons of my life change. Jeanne, I thank you deeply for your time and voice, and for sharing your knowledge and love with the class.

 I have noticed that I feel better physically. I haven’t been experiencing as much back pain since I started practicing the stretches on a regular basis at home and each week in class. Well worth the money. So glad that I made the first step to sign up and come!

 I feel stronger, and sometimes sore, which feels good. I also am already seeing a difference in my balance and flexibility.

 This has helped me correct my standing and sitting position. Also, poses to help relieve my lower back pain.

♥  I loved the workshop. I always felt so relaxed afterward. I hope to practice at home. I feel that the yoga and breathing really has helped in toning and relaxing.

♥  I greatly enjoyed the Intro to Yoga classes. This was my first time in a yoga class so it was all new to me. The breathing techniques really helped me to quiet my mind and feel relaxed. At the end of each session, I felt good and still had plenty of energy for the rest of my day (many times more energy than I started with!).

♥  I am already feeling like I can make improvements to my body’s health.

♥  I absolutely loved every minute and look forward to practicing yoga for the rest of my days. I am physically and emotionally stronger which gives me a sense of peace and happiness that I haven’t had for some time. Thank you for choosing our community to start your business.

  Jeanne assisted and worked with each of us to ensure proper alignment. I will definitely attend another class.

 I was very skeptical and nervous to try yoga and your class made me really see the benefits of yoga and what a great workout it can be. I feel that I could walk into any class and know what to do. I had a great time and would recommend this class to anyone.

 I ran into a significant detour for road construction and thought I was going to be very late for an appointment. I began focusing on my breath and was able to keep from getting stressed out, figured out how to change my route so I wasn’t terribly late. It was helpful to have the tool to calm my mind so I could think clearly.

 I really liked taking the beginners class and find that I felt “awakened” to my body and surroundings after each class…wasn’t expecting that! The venue was wonderful and inviting and felt safe for me. Our instructor Jeanne provided me with a wonderful experience of the “unknown.” My body has been challenged and satisfied on a new level…Thank You.

 Yoga helps my fibromyalgia pain considerably! If I can find the discipline to practice even more at home, I’m anticipating great things!! I definitely notice a difference in my core strength. Long way to go, but progress nevertheless. 🙂 Thank you for doing such a great job!

 I think you did a wonderful job of accommodating all levels in a very kind and accepting manner.

 I notice I feel more relaxed and sleeping better. I plan to continue with yoga classes.

 I thought this class was very helpful. I was nervous to try yoga in a big class and you made it very relaxing. I like that my body feels different for the couple of days after class. It feels better. Thanks for a great intro to yoga!

 I feel more flexibility in my hamstrings and just generally feel optimistic about the benefits in store for me if I continue, which of course I plan to do.

 I am already feeling like I can make improvements to my body’s health.

 I learned quite a bit and I will be back for more!


2886 US Hwy 231
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
(Located between New Hope and Sonlight churches)


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