Hiking and Yoga

Hiking & Yoga 

No excursions are currently scheduled! 

   An opportunity to mix invigorating trail hiking with a mat-free asana practice.

Yoga helps regular hikers become more limber, mindful and aligned. Hiking offers greater lung capacity and overall fitness to yogis who tend to do a less aerobic mat practice. What’s more, You’ll savor nature as you deepen your yoga practice.

Doing yoga on unfamiliar turf brings other benefits as well. Learning to stay focused enough to practice yoga outside amid distractions like noise and weather is good training for staying attentive and flexible off the mat.


Be Prepared

Wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots (no flip flops, please). Bring water & a small snack. bring a hike-friendly yoga mat or towel for your knees. Bring a camera if you’d like to document the beautiful views. And don’t forget to bring a smile and a sense of adventure!

Investment:  $20   REGISTER & BUY NOW
Please read our cancellation policy.

Half handstand Doug WIII kitty in meditation med
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calf stretch . Cairn
 partners  twist on shore
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