Class Guidelines

  • You should not eat a full meal less than 2 hours before a practice.
  • Hydrate!  You should drink half your weight in ounces of water every day.  Caffeinated drinks subtract from what you need to take in and require you to drink more water.  Hydrate well before and after class.
  • Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.  Do not wear tops that are too loose or they may fall over your head during an inverted pose.
  • Wear layers.  You can remove layers as you warm up and put them back on for the final resting pose.
  • The studio has changing rooms for client use.
  • We also have extra yoga mats, towels and props for client use.  If you use one of our mats, please use the spray cleaner provided to wipe your mat after class.
  • Please arrive 5- 10 minutes early to take care of payment and to complete a health history form if you are a new client. If you arrive late, please come in calmly and quietly.
  • Please turn off cell phones and pagers.
  • Do not wear street shoes into the studio.  There is a place to hang coats and store shoes in the lobby area. 
  • Please bring purses, wallets and other personal items with you into the studio.  There is space where these items can be stored.
  • Practice yoga barefoot to help provide traction to the mat.  Socks can be put on for the final resting pose.
  • To minimize distractions to others, avoid wearing strong scents.
  • Chunky jewelry or watches may cause discomfort in some poses.
  • Smile and enjoy the experience!

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