Introducing Kim

January 16, 2019

kim intro

I’d like to express my deep appreciation and thanks to our yoga community. We had an amazing turnout to celebrate our 6th anniversary at the studio. And this was following our announcement that we are moving to northern California! (If you missed it, see my blog post from Dec. 28th) Your support and strong feelings for this sangha that we have all created together, gives me a sense of confidence that it will continue in some way, shape or form. I have not yet gotten the “blog” thing figured out because free time, learning time is very rare for me right now. My priority is to keep the yoga flowing (so to speak) for all of us.

And speaking of that, I hope you will join us in welcoming Kim Green. Kim completed her 200 yoga teacher training last fall and will offer a Gentle Flow class on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. beginning in February. Please come try her classes. She may be camera shy (that’s her in the photo) and humble, but she is a strong teacher! Meet you on your mat!

~ Jeanne


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